Business Thinking for Designers - a book by Ryan Rumsey

Business Thinking for Designers

Published in partnership with InVision, this is a guidebook to help designers gain more trust and build better relationships with business partners, empowering great work.

This book is chock full of details on how designers can speak the dialects of colleagues, communicate design value in new ways, and incorporate business impact into your approach.

Play Up Your Impact - a book by Ryan Rumsey

Play Up Your Impact

A handy step-by-step guide to effectively describe and hype the impact of your work when everyone thinks it’s optional.

"Play Up Your Impact" is a guidebook written for designers, researchers, content strategists, writers, and anyone who wants to improve their skills in using data to understand their impact at work. And it’s useful to anyone who works alongside them. This book offers a practical approach to analyzing and advocating how your work contributes to the bottom line by utilizing data, statistics, and storytelling.

In “Play Up Your Impact,” CDO School founder Ryan Rumsey draws from his personal journey of leading design at Apple, EA, Nestlé, and USAA to offer encouragement, motivation, and strategies tailored for leaders at in-house teams.