Design Leadership coaching with Ryan Rumsey

When you're in service to others, I’m in service to you.

Leadership is hard and often it feels like you won’t reach your destination. To get to the levels of functioning you seek, you need support.

After 15 years developing cross-functional teams and managers, Ryan brings his lessons from companies like Apple, Electronic Arts, and USAA to other teams, managers and executives across digital industry.

What you receive

There are so many things about moving into a management or leadership role that, on paper, are simple when, in reality, are really freaking hard. Whether you’re a seasoned designer, a new manager, or an executive leading an organization, working with someone to help get you unstuck is invaluable.

Different than therapy, our coaching sessions are grounded in a blend of mentorship, coaching, and instruction. You get the following:

  • A personalized program tailored to you and your situation.
  • A shared Notion folder with notes, prompts, and resources
  • Recommended practices and exercises to help create the desired shift
  • Bi-weekly, one-hour sessions, to check-in, monitor your progress, discuss new insights and address new opportunities and challenges ahead

How it works

These sessions can take a number of directions.

From moving into management to leading as the organizational executive, transitions can be lonely and isolating. When you don’t have a lot of clarity of where to go or which direction to point yourself in, I will work with you on developing your relationship skills beyond the product. I will be an active listener that has had many of the responsibilities you do.

Together, we will enhance your resiliency by looking beyond design. I will support you when you feel overwhelmed by the new factors of your role. Together, we will build you up to do the hard parts of leadership with more confidence and clarity.


Eight, 60-minute sessions | $2000