Design Org Consulting with Ryan Rumsey

When you colleagues hire McKinsey, you should hire me.

When you’re leading an organization, it can be difficult to balance all the decisions. I help companies and cross-functional product teams who are suffering from decision fatigue.

I provide consulting services on a limited-based. I help clients work on approaches, practices, and focused on creating value and impact for customers, employees, and businesses alike. I use my 20+ years of leading design, product, and strategy at Apple, EA, USAA, and Nestlé to provide custom services for your needs and goals.

  • Not sure how to connect design value to business?
  • Struggling with the status quo?
  • Need help figuring out OKRs, KPIs, ROI, and what it all means anyway?
  • Can’t sort out your strategy?

I know that every situation is unique. I don’t reuse old work, but adapt my approach in a way that works for you and how you work. Above all, I support your people and I speak plainly.

Ways I’ve helped others:

  • Strategic Advisor: As the design executive, you need a confidante, an advisor, and a sounding board for ideas and realities you face daily.
  • Create Your Design Organization Strategy: You need a strategy for building, running, and recruiting a design team. Develop your strategic playbook.
  • Track and Measure the effectiveness of Design: You need to build credibility, accelerate your confidence beyond the domain of design, and speak the languages of business to show impact